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Facebook Live, SEO, And Brownie Mix

February 26, 2017

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Beat Zillow Questions

Tyler Zey /Kelvin Krupiak What can we do to increase page time and engagement on our blog content? The picture attached is actual blog content from my site from 4/1/16-2/22/17, and as you can see, much of the content being generated by EAP is not leaving people on my site for very long and more importantly they are bouncing from it pretty quickly.
After reading this story (https://goo.gl/zf1Dc1), I feel like we need to keep the people who come to our site there longer (blog comment, video, more than 700 word blog entries, etc) to help SEO and area specific search results, and I'd like to see what your thoughts are on this.

Ian Steenkamp Ideas on adding SEO keywords to my brand new site pages to help get it ranked ad it is all empty right now 🙁

Elliott McCracken
February 19 at 9:37pm · Bakersfield, CA
I've been running Facebook ads with a cloned targeted audience. Mainly buyer leads and seller leads. And I have several questions:
1) does it help or hurt that audience when you start adding criteria like income brackets etc.?
2) when creating the look a like audience , I've only used the 1 million size as the option. Does it help to go bigger. Where I live the main city is only about 400k in population. So I figured 1 million was good.
Any thoughts or tips would greatly be appreciated.
Karin Atkinson Carr
February 15 at 3:33pm
I did an interview today with a local business owner. I uploaded it to Youtube, put it on a blog post, and shared it on my FB business page, Pinterest, and Google+. The owner is going to put it on her site, her FB page, etc. and we'll link back and forth to each other. Any other ideas of how to get some exposure for this?

Laura Sicotte
February 18 at 7:19pm
Hey all,
So I've jumped at the opportunity to rent a booth at an upcoming local children's consignment sale. It's VERY popular around here and averages a minimum of 20,000 over a 3-day event. I will be the only Realtor there. I've got a two part question:
First Question: I would LOVE to hear suggestions on a creative booth idea that will help attract attention and get people engaged for the offline marketing end of it with the goal of not only getting to talk face to face but sending them to a squeeze page. I've been thinking having some sort of raffle with a mom and/or child themed prize. My ideas behind this raffle are
1) Raffle ticket will only require name and email (or phone) so that I can let them know if they are a winner which will open the door to sending them an email saying hey thanks for participating, blah blah.... and at the end add the P.S. Know anyone looking at buying or selling a home I should take out for coffee?
2) Tell everyone that the winner will be posted on my Facebook (business) page on XYZ date which will hopefully capture some engagement in my blog posts which can direct them to various squeeze pages to capture buyer/seller leads (hopefully at that point establishing at least a face to my services, maybe even some trust).
3) Combination of 1 and 2? Maybe neither? I'd love to hear what creative ideas you may have!
Second question: What kind of marketing material should I display other than the required broker signage? To put this event into perspective, it's pretty chaotic. It's essentially the Black Friday of children's consignment clothing. People are lined up around the building waiting to get in. However, there's a SOLID advantage within all the madness. Once people have their giant carts of clothes and are ready to checkout, there's a VERY long line. This line can last hours. So they will without almost any doubt have to walk by my booth, slowly. Now the last thing I'm going to do is get "salesy" when the last thing at that moment they may want is to have somebody scratching for business/referrals (after all, we are all about attraction marketing, right?), but would at least like to make a good impression, whether it be give out water bottles, offering chairs to rest while in line, etc.
I would really love to if anything, have a squeeze page advertised that people will want to check out. The demographic here is mainly moms (or parents). So that ranges from new first time moms, perhaps starting out and looking for a house, to young-middle aged moms growing their family, perhaps looking to upsize their current house, to grandmothers shopping for their grandkids who perhaps may be looking to downsize.

What type of squeeze page do you think would best overall engage this demographic and what kind of value proposition should I offer on it as the hook for more info?

I apologize for the longish question, I tend to rant.

PLEASE share your ideas, I would LOVE to hear them! Thank you!