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Creating, Content, The Data Mine And Convincing Kelvin To Change A Background

February 21, 2017

EAP'S NEW DASHBOARD IS OUT! And it's awesome. See more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnBp6Czfllo

Beat Zillow Questions: https://facebook.com/groups/leadsites/

Gene Petrino‎ - I am going to start to interview some local businesses and try to get backlinks on their sites. My question is, does EAPer have experience with this? How long should the interview be, and what are some good questions I should be asking? Thanks in advance.

Awesome Article On Backlinks: http://backlinko.com/on-page-seo

Rebekah Foster - I think many of us are struggling to test squeeze pages. Video on how to split test landing pages:

Cory Fast - I recently ran an ad to a list of foreclosures and built an audience based on just the Interest section (real estate related interest and 10 mile radius of office) and had 5 leads with ad spend of $35. Thought I would get smart and use a lookalike audience from an email list of 240 leads from 2016 (also 10 mile radius) Ran same ad creative and copy with just one lead in $49 spent. Both for a week. So the first with jutst Interest Section performed better. So the question, is a lookalike audience really better than just using the Interest section? And then the other element to compare would be if a lookalike audience of all the following on a specific Facebook page would do better or worse than either. And a little further, is it worth the energy to build a following or better to just tie into Facebook's huge data mine?

Karin Atkinson Carr - Researching SEO keywords. I find the Google keyword planner to be really UNhelpful for choosing specific niches. I want to rank for a new development in my area and I come up with zero results for Oakhaven, so how do I choose a keyword when Google tells me there are 0 searches a month being done for that neighborhood?

Leopeter Alvarez - When detail targeting on Facebook Ads... Is there a such thing as targeting too many interests, demographics etc? (If you live in a city where audiences are still generally large)

Shreedhar Ganapathy - While I have your attention, I have a request. Perhaps you could cover this in a future episode or blog. 

How does a Realtor earn that initial trust with a completely new non-referral prospect from a different culture (seller or buyer)? Particularly, in the case of people from other cultures such as Asian cultures as an example (it sort of applies to many other cultures as well in that what is recommended generally as a feasible approach, may not apply to others). The cultural aspect has a major impact on business prospects. Its tough to tell what sort of verbiage may win the confidence of the prospect and convince them of your high integrity, ability and skills. My wife is a Realtor and frequently comes across this challenge almost like a wall that prevents further progress. Would appreciate any tips.