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February 1, 2017

Drones, 3D Video, and Pho make Everything Better!

On this weeks In The Lead we have some awesome discussions about NYC's Inmann Conference and talk about 3D cameras, Drones and why you shouldn't hold one when its ready for flight. We also answer another fantastic question on the Beat Zillow group and focous in on some successful ways to be a better Real Estate Agent or Broker. 

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January 23, 2017

The Inman Teaser, Juggling Different Facebook Pages and Chris Turns Bitter.

In this eppisode of In The Lead the Beat Zillow had some fantastic questions about different types of facebook pages, the proper times to post blog articles and how to focus your funnel to optimise your social media accounts so they work for you. Chris, Tyler and Kelvin all sit in and talk about their ideas about business pages and how unlucky Chris was for missing out on some drone flying action in NYC's 2017 Inman conference. 


January 16, 2017

Beat Zillow Questions, Facebook Ad leads, and Marketing Funnel Rants!

Welcome back to another episode of the In The Lead Podcast. This week we tackle some more fantastic questions from you guys and gals in the Beat Zillow Facebook group. We have a fantastic conversation about Marketing Funnels and Ads while giving Robert a much needed reality check that we missed him. Also, we talk about wearing different hats. 

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January 9, 2017

Click Trough Rates, Targeting Families, and Having Fun While Filming!

Welcome to a new year and a new episode of the In The Lead Podcast! We start things off with some new NAR research and how to cash in on some landing page ideas. We also discuss the fantastic questions you have been giving us in the Beat Zillow Facebook page and have a little fun convincing you to get behind a camera! 

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December 13, 2016

Just Do It!

This week the crew discusses several ways to up your sales game this winter when discussing commuting and heating costs wHILE helping individuals look for a new home. We also take a dive in to the blogosphere with a wonderful blog article written by Chase Binnie about the necesities for parents with autistic children and their home buying experiences. Robert gives a little more information about the new fantastic landing pages we have given you for the holiday season and finally we discuss just getting things done. 


Show notes:

Commuting Costs

Heating and Cooling Costs

Going Green

Chase Binnie's blog article

December 5, 2016

Blogging Tips With Paula Bauman!

This week we sit in with Paula Bauman, EAP's editor and blog writer for helpful tips to stop writers block from consuming your time. We talk about NRA's 2016 buyer and seller profiles and we have a tiny discussion about tiny homes. Show notes posted below! As always leave us a comment in the Beat Zillow Facebook group or send us a tweet@easyagentpro!

NRA 2016 Profiles 

Top 5 Questions to prepare for!

Tiny Homes

Chase Binnie's tiny homes blog article.

Check out Rakan's site.


November 14, 2016

Snap Pack Live Creator Dustin Brohm Talks with us about golf!

This week EAP Team had an opportunity to grill the creator of Snap Back Live Dustin Brohm about his outstanding inginuity when it comes to the use of Snap Chat and the ever expanding ways to get brand recognition in an aggressive Real Estate market. We also dive in to the awesome list of realtors using Instagram to stand out and talk about Golf!

If you love what you hear or have any questions on any of the topics we cover in the podcast remember to write in on Twitter, our Beat Zillow group, or shoot us an email at support@easyagentpro.com ! Also take a look at Dustin Brohm's Facebook Group and his website by clicking one of the links below!

Snappack Live!


November 4, 2016

Chat bots, China, and Pinterest Plays!

We are back with a new host and some of the same great voices you are familiar with! 

Chris McHale brings roundtable discussions to the podcast with the help of the creators of Easy Agent Pro Tyler Zey and Robert LaPrise as well as EAP's marketing ninja Kelvin Krupiak. 

In this weeks Realtor Reality we discuss chat bots relentless and beneficial uses, we also tackle China's Realestate investment strategy here at home, and help our EAP members brainstorm ideas about how to market yourself to eco friendly leads interested in green homes. 

We round the podcast off with some fantastic info on SEO, Pinterest Plays, and several great questions by our Beat Zillow members!

If you love what you hear or have any questions on any of the topics we cover in the revised podcast remember to write in on Twitter, our Beat Zillow group, or shoot us an email at support@easyagentpro.com! 
June 21, 2016

How Darren James Sells 500 Homes Per Year

In this episode, I interview Darren James on how his team sold over 500 homes last year.

Darren's an awesome agent, broker, and role model for the industry. You really have to hear what he talks about in this episode.
Darren's websites: 

June 13, 2016

In The Lead #49 Live! LinkedIn Marketing For Real Estate - what the $26 BILLION dollar acquisition means for agents

Check out this post for those LinkedIn Scripts: